About Us

Welcome to Freddie and Millie Toys. We are an Irish owned online toy shop. My name is Claire and together with my husband Karl we are a small, family run business. We have three children under the age of three and a half, so as you can imagine life can be fairly hectic but really fun. It was actually our children that inspired the name of our shop. Freddie is my little boy Charlie’s favourite Dinosaur teddy {cannot sleep without him} and Millie is our beloved family dog, who, as my little girl Amelia tells anybody that will listen, is her best friend.

We like to involve the children as much as is practical in our business especially in the toys we handpick for our shop. Our aim is to create a shop that is not only known for superior quality but also toys that babies, toddlers and children alike will love to play with and will play with through the years inspiring their imaginations and creativity.

I hope you really enjoy browsing our site as much as we enjoyed picking all the toys for you. We only picked toys that our own kids would love and also toys that we love to have in our own home.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact us section.

The Freddie and Millie Family xx

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