The adventurers craft kit activity box is perfect for three to eight year olds. It includes four activities for children to make & enjoy in their own world of make believe.  All equipment including glue dots and eco glitter is included. Just add children & felt tips.

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Superhero Mask - children can decorate the mask base with jewel embellishments , self adhesive felts, & cut outs to turn themselves into their favourite superhero.

Pirate Catapult - children can build the catapult using pegs, a spoon and elastic bands to perfect their pirate aim.

Aztec Headdress - children can decorate the mask bases with the self adhesive gems, feather cut outs and eco glitter glue as the ultimate in fancy dress.

Model Aeroplane - children can assemble an aeroplane out of cut outs, pegs, & lolly sticks. Perfect for flying all over the home or garden.

Make Your Own Superhero Mask: cardboard mask cut out, cardboard eye cut outs, self adhesive felt lightening bolts & triangles, elastic mask strap, self adhesive gems, glue dots

Make Your Own Pirate Catapult: wooden pegs, wooden spoon, lollipop stick, elastic band, glue dots, cotton wool

Make Your Own Wild West Headdress: Feather cut outs, self adhesive gems, glue dots, eco glitter and elastic mask strap.

Make Your Own Model Aeroplane: Aeroplane cut out, wooden sticks, peg, mini pegs, and elastic bands.

Glue dots & eco glitter glue also included.

Box measures 24cm by 12cm by 2cm

The box includes 4 instruction cards, components, 1 pot of eco glitter & glue dots.


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