Bi Colour Skipping Rope – Vilac


Timeless and essential for playgrounds. This toy or game allows your child to play alone or with others.

The jump rope allows you to work in multiple senses and will allow physical exertion while having fun.

Multiple game variations exist with one or two jump ropes, Your children will often accompany the practice of the jump rope to songs to the rhythms of their jumps. They will work on combinations of steps and figures as part of the game …

The practice of skipping rope will work endurance, legs and glutes, coordination of movements.

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The jump rope in purple lacquered wood with white dots. Children will fall for this pretty skipping rope! The length of the rope is 2 meters. A wooden toy made in France, in the jura, by the Vilac brand. Ref: 3007B.

Handles size 12 cm

Directions for use: from 5 years and +


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