Carol Doll


Meet Carol,  who has been lovingly made in Spain, while her clothes have been made in France  Her facial features are painted her hair is implanted by hand, making her look so life like. Carol has beautiful brown hair she wears a lovely tan cotton dress.

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A Little More about Carol

Carol  is 32 cm tall and wears a tan cotton dress which is removable, her outfit is finished off with white shoes and underwear.  Your little one will have have lots of fun with Carol as she can be put standing or sitting and her head, legs and arms all turn.  Carol has the most beautiful eyes which do not close. Her eyes are made from safe transparent plastic an she has thick eyelashes. Carol is handmade ( eyelashes, lips cheeks and hair) which makes her look so elegant and real. Her hair is very shiny and  is easy to comb. She also has a slight vanilla smell.

Role-playing with a doll  helps to stimulates the development of visual thinking, imagination, and speech; CE tested. Her clothes are made from Cotton. 100% Phthalate free

Las Amigas Dolls/ Paola Reina Dolls

This doll does not come in a box 


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