Plan Toys Crane Set Large- Plan Toy


We can’t stop playing with this toy crane. You can move it in every direction and the crane goes back and forth and up and down.  It has a bucket on the end that can grip things in its jaws which makes for hours of lifting and moving things. This crane set comes with some traffic cones, barriers, a cement mixer, a wheel barrow, men at work sign, small bucket and construction worker and crane operator.  This crane is so much fun and all the mechanisms feel really solid and sturdy. A wonderful PlanWorld play set to inspire little builders and which will encourage role play and help develop language and communication skills.


Plan Toys PlanWorld range is a favourite here.  We love the little cars, they zoom across hard floors making them great fun and they're wonderfully scaled for little hands. The Plan Toys PlanWorld range features large structures such as the garage and airport, there's lots of road and rail to expand your city as well as an array of vehicles, smaller stations and characters. Turn your living room into one great big eco city network.

Crane measures 44cm x 22cm x 48.4cm

Suitable from 3 years+.


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