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Ignite a lifelong passion for outdoor adventure with our Fire on a Plate Kit – designed to safely teach the vital skill of fire-lighting.

Containing the fire on an enamel plate avoids scorching the earth underneath it, as well as restricting its size – though in no way diminishing the fun. The fire-steel and kapok tinder balls have been chosen for maximum success in young hands, increasing the unbeatable feeling of accomplishment for the fire-starter as they master this lifelong skill.


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  • The perfect sized, drawstring bag to keep your Fire on A Plate Kit components safe. Made from natural sisal hessian.
  • A 20cm diameter Falcon enamel plate to contain your fire.
  • Fire Steel – A robust and weather-proof fire-steel with a 9cm ferrocerium rod.
  • A 250ml metal tin to store dry tinder.
  • Tinder – Natural kapok balls and wood shavings to catch those first sparks.
  • Guide – An essential guide to safe fire-lighting containing top tips and precautions.
    • Warning! Not suitable for children under the age of 8 years.
    • Read the enclosed instruction information provided.
    • Fire can be dangerous. Adult supervision required at all times whilst using this kit.
    • Only use one kapok ball at a time.

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