Yoto Daily: Draw Along – Yoto


Create your own mini masterpieces with 12 draw-along activities from Yoto Daily; from under the sea to outer space!

Get your paper, pens and pencils ready and join Jake from Yoto Daily for 12 draw-along activities

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From the rings of Saturn to the tail of a diplodocus; from a school of colourful fish to a flock of feeding birds your pages will be brimming with the details that make up mini masterpieces. So if you fancy creating your own monster or robot or ice cream sundae then join us on this Best of Yoto Daily card for a draw-along.

Draw-alongs included:
1. Space
2. Candy Land
3. Robot
4. Birds
5. Ice Cream Sundae
6. Underwater
7. Monster
8. Vehicles
9. Insects
10. Dinosaurs
11. Doodle-Along
12. Doodle-Along




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