Yoto Player (3rd Generation)


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Yoto Player (3rd Generation) opens up kids’ creative play to a whole new world of potential. Build independence, inspire imagination and let kids lead the way through family life. No microphone. No camera. No ads.

Your new Yoto Player comes with a welcome card to let you know about all the great things you can do with your player, a quick start guide and a charging dock. The cards are sold separately, 

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Child Friendly Media Player

Yoto Player, a carefully connected screen-free speaker. Designed for children, controlled with physical cards, playing only the audio content you want them to listen to.

No camera - No microphone  - No ads

An award-winning audio player for children (suitable for kids 2 and up)


  • Built-in rechargeable battery (Up to 10 hours of play per charge)
  • Make night time easier with Night light, Sleep sounds, white noise and more!
  • Clock (Programmable day-and-night clock)
  • Pixel display, the Pixel display brings content to life,
  • Safer, Parental control with the Yoto App
  • Works with 3.5mm headphones
  • Great Memory - The player has up to 250 hours/ 16Gb of audio storage.

*Does not include any Story cards. Story cards are inserted to play stories, music, activities, podcasts, radio and sound effects.


  • The Player
  • Magnetic Yoto Charging Dock with UK and EU pins (5.4 foot/ 1.65 m cable length)
  • Welcome Card
  • Setup Guide


Start by download the Yoto App for iOS or Android and then follow the instructions, which will guide you through our very quick setup process. It normally take only a few minutes to get Yoto Player up and running!

WiFi is needed  in order to setup . When you insert a Yoto Card into the player it downloads the content from our server. Once it has downloaded the content, then it can be used without being connected on future occasions.

Yoto Player (3rd Generation) can store 600+ hours of audio for offline listening and sync up with your phone or computer to play

*Note that you can disconnect Yoto Player from the Wifi via the app.





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